GAAD 2021 — #CovidAccessibilityBugBounty 20 May . Identify Accessibility bugs on Covid websites and mobile apps

The day is here! Happy 10th GAAD!

Time to get your accessibility testing hats on!

The Submit an Accessibility Bug page is now Live

Remember to schedule 30 minutes to celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) 2021, and give back to the community with #CovidAccessibilityBugBounty by BarrierBreak.

Go to the COVID-19 website/app in your region and find for accessibility bugs. Submit them and push for change.

Get testing to support Digital Accessibility

Let’s spend 30 minutes today and crowd source accessibility bugs on websites in your region and push for change!

  1. Go to a Covid-19 information website or mobile app in your country or local area disseminating information.
  2. Conduct an Accessibility Test.
  3. Submit a bug at the #CovidAccessibilityBugBounty website.

Time to give back & contribute in these tough times! Accessibility Matters!

Get Testing

a person filling a form

You must have filled many feedback forms, be it in your office, in your school or college, or for any service provider. A simple and user-friendly feedback form is one of the most efficient and economical method for a business to understand its customers. …

The Idea behind a component is creating re-usable code. Now wearing my accessibility hat, I would say should components be accessible! Simple principle, ensure your components or component libraries are accessible, so one can build accessible websites and apps!

So why don’t we ensure that every component that we use…


BarrierBreak is an accessibility firm specializing in accessibility testing, development, documents & media.

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